RICH will attend IG China, the 2018 hangzhou international gas exhibition

Release Date: 2018-08-30

Shanghai RICH gas technology co., LTD. Has entered IG China, hangzhou international gas exhibition 2018
Welcome to hangzhou international expo center from September 5 to 6
Booth t14-a, hall 1D, on-site visit
Product hotline: 800-720-6767 or 021-31586111
Email address:

RICH gas is a professional company engaged in the application research and development of gas equipment and gas products. We always adhere to the concept of creating value for customers, and provide unique products, services, technical consulting and solutions for the global gas and gas equipment field.
For a long time, ruigas products have been widely used in petrochemical/natural gas, coal mine, rubber/tire, food and beverage, glass, medical care, metal (heat treatment, smelting), electronics/semiconductors, paper and other industries.
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