VPSA Oxygen Generator

Simple and reliable on-site oxygen supply

Lower operating costs

RICH's VPSA oxygen generating technology is the result of combining the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, further research and development.

  • Low investment and high return

     It is suitable for occasions where the purity of oxygen is not too high and the scale of oxygen production is large.

  • Reliable and stable operation

    The quality supporting equipment and parts are used after assessment and demonstration to ensure the long-term operation stability of the system。

  • Excellent equipment performance

    Advanced and mature oxygen production process is adopted to ensure the excellent performance of the equipment.

  • High efficiency oxygen adsorbent

    Adopts high efficient oxygen generating adsorbent of international advanced level: Total G-5000。

RICH's VPSA oxygen generating technology is the result of combining the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, further research and development。 To enable the equipment to achieve the best performance, RICH Company invested a lot of man power and resources to carry out hard practice, constantly sum up experience %lessons, and widely absorb advanced experience at home and abroad。 The technology has reached advanced international level and obtained the support of the State Technology Innovation Fund。 Relying on the high level of technology, RICH Company has designed and manufactured many sets of large-size VPSA oxygen generators for users in all industries。 With advanced process, high quality and reliable corollary equipment, superior performance index, smooth operation, and overall low cost high performance, RICH is creating the most benefits for users in the world。

VPSA oxygen generator

VPSA oxygen generator

Technology characteristics and advantages of oxygen generators

Adopts high efficient oxygen generating adsorbent of international advanced level: Total G-5000.

Adopt air distributor designed &development by ourselves。 which solves the problem of air distribution in large-diameter shallow adsorption bed and provides reliable guarantee for large-scale equipment。

Advanced process, high degree of automation, flexible operation, and high reliability in long-term operation.

Capable of using TOTAL high efficient adsorbent to make technological reconstruction to users' original
Oxygen generators and greatly improve the performance index.

Technical Index

Oxygen output scale:200~5000m3/h

Oxygen purity: normal design value 90%can be adjusted according to users' requirepment from 25 to 95 percent。

Oxygen pressure: 5~20Kpa(G)

Yearly running time rate:95%


Adopt advanced and mature process to ensure advanced performance index and reliable operation of equipment.

Optimize the equipment design so as to meet the needs of users maximally based on the actual application and locale conditions。

Enforce the eventual published National Standards and National Machinery Industry Standards strictly。

Adopt high quality corollary equipment and spare parts after examination and verification to ensure long-terms table operation of the system.

Highly automated process control, centralized management of the central control room, basically realized automatic equipment management。

Perfect equipment monitoring and malfunction prevention measures to ensure the security of the system.

Simple and flexible equipment operation。

Components of Generator

Main components and principle for equipment model selection

Air pressurization equipment and vacuumization desorption equipment: They adopt Roots blower and vacuum pumps that have demonstrated by domestic and foreign counterparts and proven by practice to be the most suitable to VPSA oxygen generators and high quality products produced by large scale professional manufacturers.

Adsorption bed(normal pressure vessels): Adopt the vertical structure adsorption bed of mature technology whose airflow distributor must ensure the even distribution of air. Adsorption bed must be fabricated by professional manufacturers with design &manufacture qualification of the first and second grade pressure vessels.

Program controlled valve: the selected valves must ensure the switching speed, sealing performance and the life of the sealing surface meets the requirement. They are purchased from joint venture enterprise and proved by practice. Key parts like actuators and electromagnetic valves are all imported.

Instrument control system and electric control system: purchased or imported from joint venture or state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises to ensure and satisfy the design requirements and long-term stable operation of equipment.

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